Enjoy the egg hunt, bunnies!
Happy Easter! Here are some Easter Fun Facts and More!

  Bunnies. Eggs. Candies. You know it! It's that time of the year again!   Let's take a break from all the social media posts. Instead, let us give you these fun Easter Facts and a few activities you might

Facebook’s Security Breach and What It Could Mean to Users

  The past week must have been a busy week in the Facebook HQ. After all, any news on data and privacy breach on the biggest social media platform is a huge blow. With billions of users and their respective

Social Media and Government Regulation (Part 2)

  Last week, we discussed some reasons to consider for social media government regulation. Now, let's see how it could affect the freedom and rights of the people.   (more…)

Social Media and Government Regulation (Part 1)

  In the age when social media are at its peak, it has reached the point where people start to question: does this need government regulation?   Let's admit it. Social media has become a powerful force in shaping and