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Social Media in Times of Marketing Crisis

  It happens to the best of us. Personally, that is.   Creating a social media presence requires a lot of careful attention to details. Just one wrong move - a word, an image, a comment, reply, etc. - could

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How to Create a Successful Online Video Marketing Campaign

  Much has been said about video marketing being a 'big thing' this 2018. We shouldn't be surprised if more companies invest their online marketing efforts in creating videos and putting them up in their respective social media accounts and

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Videos, Shopping, & More for Instagram this 2018!

With over 800 million users, who wouldn't want to market on Instagram?   Instagram, a social media platform and mobile app for photos and videos, have ballooned their numbers over the years. What seemed to be a simple photo-sharing platform has

New Year, New Trends for Social Media

It is the new year! And with the new year comes new trends in online marketing. Most online marketing websites would suggest optimizing your social media accounts. And why not? Every platform is now a big thing in online marketing.