Dating Apps, Finding Romance, & Standards

  Finding romance is getting trickier the past days. Balancing work and your social life - plus, personal life - is more of a struggling juggle.   There's just little room to meet new people, get acquainted, and go on

Keeping Your Followers Up-to-Date While on Travel
Keeping Your Followers Up-to-Date While on Travel

We all know that engagement is key in maintaining a good social media reputation.   The rule always says to keep your social media accounts updated by posting daily. It should be something interesting and relatable to your audience.  

facebook is testing a new feature
Facebook is Testing a Resume Feature and What This Could Mean to You

Long gone are the days that you have to personally walk in and submit job applications. For years, technology made sure that it would be convenient to both the applicant and the employer to find a perfect match. Job search

social media for social change
Social Media for Social Change

The hashtag #MeToo has been trending on Twitter for days. Some are even still participating in this social media awareness campaign up until today.   This campaign was sparked by a series of accusations against film producer and movie mogul