Save for Later: Twitter’s Way of Bookmarking
Save for Later: Twitter’s Way of Bookmarking

You open your Twitter and scroll through the tweets. Boring... boring... bo-... oh! Something interesting and worth the read!   But you don't have much time to read it now. How about reading it later? Impossible.   Is this scene

facebook snooze
Facebook Snooze: Good or Bad Idea?

Last month, Facebook rolled out a snooze feature available to some users.   This feature would allow you to 'snooze' a specific person, pages, or group instead of unfollowing, unfriended, or completely unblocking them. This means that you can put

investing on instagram
Why Fashion Brands Are Investing On Instagram

Fashion brands, like other business out there, are starting to invest on Instagram. Since the platform rolled out its advertising features (and even before without it), they saw it as an excellent opportunity to put their brand forward and engage