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Best Apps to Save Instagram Stories

Since Snapchat introduced stories, other social networking apps have followed suit. You can see story features in Instagram and, now, on Facebook. But for the sake of this blog, let's focus on Instagram.   When Instagram started, grabbing other people's

5 Gadgets to Bring With You on Travel
5 Gadgets to Bring With You on Travel

Going on travel is probably one of the most exciting things you look forward to.   It's that one activity that takes your mind off things and lets you have a well-deserved rest.   (more…)

edit feature on twitter
Why Don’t We Still Have An Edit Feature, Twitter?

  Avid Twitter users get it. We need an edit feature.   For the many times you committed a grammar or typographical error, you could only scratch your head and hope you can see that 'Edit' button somewhere someday.  

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Deliciously Instagramable: Tips for Food Blogging Beginners

Instagram has been the place for good photos online. It can become an online gallery of a brand's product - be it food, clothing, or even travel.   Bloggers, on the other hand, would love to brand themselves as an

Let your social media accounts stay active - and alive!
Never Put Your Social Media Accounts to Sleep

Putting up social media accounts for your company is more of required now than it is an option. You have to put yourself out there and reach out to your audience.   The beginning is always the hardest part. Setting