10 Reasons Why You Should Have a LinkedIn Profile

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Haven’t created a LinkedIn profile yet? We understand that. Maybe you never really saw the need to make one. After all, you update your resume regularly, you’re diligent in reaching out to companies, and there are online job search websites with their very own pre-formatted resume. So what do you need LinkedIn for?

It’s no question why some people don’t have a LinkedIn profile. To some, it’s just more cumbersome. Resumes are still the most convenient, popular option when it comes to employment reach.

However, technology has evolved and has affected every industry – including human resource. While some companies still accept your printed resume (some will still ask for it, really), but talent scouting and sourcing has gone online. This is where LinkedIn comes in handy for HR personnel.

With thousands and millions of talents that could qualify, it would be a whole lot easier for recruiters to do a quick search online and trim down their sources – and LinkedIn is the best place to easily find qualified individuals.

Not convinced yet? Rocket Social gives you 10 reasons to finally create that LinkedIn profile.

1. Catch recruiters’ attention with your LinkedIn profile.

As mentioned earlier, recruiters now look into LinkedIn for their human resource needs. It gives them so much ease to look for qualified applicants right away.

The more details you put into your profile, the more the employers would know the kind of person they’re about to hire in their company. Of course, you have to be honest with all your details because if there’s one thing HR’s are good at, it’s knowing the real from the fake.

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2. It serves as your electronic resume – just in case.

Ditch the printed resume; LinkedIn is like an electronic resume. If HR’s are asking for a copy, you can just send them a link of your LinkedIn profile and they can see everything that they need.

It makes everything handier since LinkedIn comes with a mobile app. It’s like bringing your resume with you in your pocket.

3. You can be Googled… and that’s a good thing.

Since you leave an electronic footprint with your profile, you can easily be Googled.

Let’s say somebody referred you to a company or HR manager. Instead of looking into your Facebook profile or page (which may contain very personal posts), it’s a good thing that what would come out first in the Google results is your LinkedIn profile. Employers can click it right away and check your CV.

4. You can create your “brand”.

Creating a profile is like creating a personal brand. LinkedIn’s interface is actually like a personal ad screaming for employers attention as if saying “Hey! Come hire me!”. But you an effective LinkedIn profile doesn’t have to scream so loud.

Make your profile look professional and, at the same time, authentic. Write your profile in a way that you’re speaking to recruiters directly. Unlike your ordinary resume, LinkedIn allows you to be personal.

With that, you can easily brand yourself to your skills AND personality. Because we all know that recruiters don’t just look into your credentials. More importantly, they consider your attitude and personality.

5. A complete LinkedIn profile builds trust.

Fill out your profile as honestly and completely as possible.

Had little, short projects or gigs? Include them! No matter how small those were if you think they would contribute to adding value to your profile, place it there. Never shy away from those especially if they strengthen the claim that you are an expert on your chosen field, or if it shows a diverse skill that might come in handy.

Being transparent in what you can (and cannot) do will establish trust and credibility to future employers.

6. Helps your build connections and networks…

The point of having a LinkedIn account is that it is – first and foremost – a social networking site. What makes this stand out for one specific purpose (which is to match talents with recruiters) is that it is in a more professional tone. It was set for this very purpose.

Thus, having a LinkedIn profile means you can build connections and expand your networks. Just like your Facebook account, you can add connections – probably previous or current officemates – that can help you reach to their second or third-degree connections. Once you have established a great network of connections, your chance of being found by potential recruiters or clients.

7. …which gains valuable relationships in the long run.

While some connections won’t become your employer(s) in the future, you can keep your connection with most people to gain a valuable relationship. Maybe you weren’t meant to be hired by one company because you made it to another. Don’t burn the bridge with the one that didn’t hire you. Instead, nurture that connection.

In the long run, you will most likely find yourself reconnecting with these people – inviting them to events, talks, or even partner with a project.

8. Gather trusted recommendations from connections.

Do you know what’s one of the most annoying things about printed resumes? You think hard and well on who to consider as your top three references. You carefully curate this one on who can best vouch in for you and help you get that job. But do HR officers really have the time to call them and get their recommendation? Your guess is as good as ours.

With LinkedIn, you can ask for colleagues and managers – both past and present – to leave a recommendation on your profile. They can specify for which skill or expertise, or for which job and company. Their recommendations are visible to your connections so recruiters can easily read this.

Recommendations can anchor all your claims in your profile; thus, making it more credible.

9. Research for future companies you want to work for.

Enough about recruiters researching about you through your profile. Have you ever thought of the possibilities of searching for future employers, too?

With a LinkedIn account, you can actually search for company profiles and know more about them. It’s a plus if the company you’re looking for have an updated LinkedIn business page. You can read about their information, know when to contact them, and even see some of their employees’ LinkedIn profiles. You can also add them as connection should it come in handy.

This feature is great especially if you’re looking for the perfect company to apply for. Also, if you’re being invited for an interview for one of the companies, you can research them and gear yourself with knowledge of the company during your interview. They’ll surely be impressed that you came to the interview prepared by doing a little research.

10. Works as a job search site, too.

Recruiters searching for talents? Check.

Talents looking for ideal companies? Check.

Here’s another cool thing about LinkedIn: it works like a job search site, too.

Companies on LinkedIn also post vacancies in their pages especially when they know a lot of talents would surely eye on it.

You can search for jobs through LinkedIn Jobs. Just click the ‘Jobs’ tab on the menu bar at the top. You can type the job positions you’re looking for and even filter them according to your preferences. You can also choose which industry and, even, which company.

When they’re not knocking on your doors, gather up the courage to knock on theirs.

Still not convinced about creating a LinkedIn account? Come on! Think about it!

With all these advantages you get from the site, you’re stepping into job employment 2.0. It’s the newer version of finding jobs and getting hired. And it’s more than that! Just imagine all the connections you’re going to make and relationships you’ll forge. Whether you’ll ace your job, make it to the top of the ladder, or have your own business, these connections would surely come in handy.

Plus, you can read a lot of resource materials and informational articles that can help you improve in your craft or business. You can also write blogs and share what you know and gain traffic for your website or blog. It’s all a win-win situation when you’re in there.

We think we’ve given you enough reasons. We’ll wait for you on the other side, then.

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